Conference Hall

It should be easy to have a meeting at Hotel Mukta International conference hall. That's why we have put together the most important features for your meeting or conference and packaged them into a number of offers. This means that you can easily calculate what the meeting or conference will cost. Because you know what you're getting from us, you can focus on preparing the content of the meeting. The packages also make it easier to book, as all you need to tell us is the number of meeting participants and any special requirements. The meeting packages apply for meetings and conferences for 10 to 100 people.


  • Very reasonable price.
  • Everything is available, from WiFi Internet access to food
  • Easy to control the expenses
  • For meetings of 10 to 100 people
  • No obstruction pillar into the conference hall
  • Person to person eye contact
  • Fully air conditioned conference hall
  • Air conditioned is always active though Power failure
  • Generator Backup in case of Power failure
  • Conference hall with essential equipment
  • Multimedia projector & sound system
  • Internet connection in conference hall and public areas
  • Impressive lobby outside the conference hall
  • Washroom and Toilet outside the conference hall
  • Separate Male, Female & Executive Toilet attached to the conference hall
  • Tea and water facilities outside the conference hall
  • Fully air conditioned dinning Room
  • Work station with desktop computer and printer in the café area.